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The wizard of Oz

20 years later....
Dorothy was on her farm wih her little daughter Megan.They were speaking about the adventure of Dorothy in Muching land.Dorothy was very sad because she remembered her friends:The scarecrow,the Tin Man,the Lion and Glinda.Megan was very tired and she went  to bed.Dorothy started to cry and her red shoes appeared.She jumped three times and she travelled to Muchking land.When she arrived she saw the green field with birds,flowers and butterflies and the scarecrow again.He said:
-Dorothy.How are you?-
-Scarecrow!Hello I'm fine thanks,tell me something about your life.
-Ok.I married Glinda and we have three children:Glinda,Paul and Michel.And you?-
-Oh fantastic!I married Zayn and we have a daughter,Megan.-
-Oh great!Do you want to see the Tin Man?Is in the forest-
-Ok bye scarecrow!-
She went to the forest and she saw a big house  in the middle.The Tin Man apperaced
-Hello Dorothy-
-Hi,Tin Man How are you and your life?
-Fine,my life is perfect I marriedmy true love , Tin Woman and we have a son,Tin Boy.And you?-
-I'm fine,I married Zayn and I have a daughter,Megan-
-Oh great.Do you want to know something about Glinda?-
-Ok,but I want to know where is the Lion-
-Glinda marry the Scarecrow!The Lion is in the forest of the West.-
-Ok thanks-
She started to walk to the forest of the west but she saw Glinda with her children,and she stopped.
-Hello Glinda-
-Dear Dorothy!How are you?-
-I'm fine.Are their your children-
-Oh yes,We go home.It's t late! Come to my house and rest.-
-Ok,I'm very tired-
They walked to Glinda's home.Dorothy and Glinda chatted and ate for an hour.Then Dorothy went on walking to the forest of the West.After an hour she saw her friend the Lion.The Lion said:
-Dorothy,you are here-
-Yes,dear Lion,What about you?-
-Now,I'm the king of the forest of the West and my brother is the king of the East.-
-Great! Do you have children?-
-No,I haven't.And you?-
-Yes,I have one Megan!-
-Great,now I'm a good friend of the wizard of Oz!Do you want to talk with him?-
-Yes,good idea-
-Ok he is in Emerald city.Do you remember the yellow brick road?Follow it-
-Ok thanks-
She started to walk again,but following the yellow brick road.She saw the mother bird and the bird that helped then to went to the Emerald city.She saw the green big gate and the same guard asked:
-What do you want?-
-I want to see the wizard of Oz-
-Ok follow me-
She follow him to a big room and the ordinary little man was in this room chatting with his wife.
-Wizard,this woman want to speak with you-Said the guard
-Dorothy!Hello,you grow up very fast.She is my wife Tina-
-Hello,Dorothy,nice to meet you-
-Hi,nice to meet you too,Tina-
They chatted for a long time Then Dorothy left Emerald city and she returned to Kansas,on her farm her husband Zayn and her daugther Megan were waitting for her.Now she is very happy ans she has her magical red shoes.
                                          The end


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